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Cliche Expert Beauty Consulting

Ok guys enough is enough, we decided to take the criticism a bit more serious so me and my bff Jessica created a new concept of beauty consultancy. Hope to revolutionize the beauty industry and bring a huge contribution to it.

Why Cliche? Because we identify cliches and stereotypes and engage into helping you give birth to productive, innovative solutions for any type of beauty related business.

Our story…. was born from passion for beauty, luxury and high quality standards. We combined all these and created a concept that comes to upgrade and maintain the high standards and profitable business of any beauty and wellness activity.

Cliche is different than any other consultancy company. Cliche is based on experience, interaction and direct contact with the industry. We dont follow statistics or any economical theory, we have an individual approach for each business owner and his team, according to each ones challenges and capabilities.

We aim to create the best version of your business and promise to support you in maintaining impeccable customer service, following an integrity management type of strategy.

We believe that customer satisfaction and staff happiness are related, therefore we come with customized solutions for achieving both.

Cliche Expert Beauty Consultancy… we make perfection look simple!


Who should train your employees?

I recently see all over social media lots and lots of companies investing more and more in different types of trainings: selling trainings, motivational, public speaking, confidence, customer service etc etc etc. I couldnt agree more that continuously training your staff is one of the major keys in building your brand and your way to success. But what is confusing me and obviously no one is talking about is the way companies chose the trainer.

When it comes to beauty industry, medical and aesthetics field… is anyone qualified to train when in comes to selling? Customer service? Motivation? I dont believe so… i had been listening to tons and tons of podcasts and watching hundreds of videos and classes and i will tell you something: maybe 1% of that can actually be applied in real life situations. Why? Because the trainers are not from this industry, they most prolly never worked in a beauty center, they have no idea what are the challenges, what is the profile of the customers in these locations… THERE ARE ONLY GENERAL INFORMATIONS THAT CAN HARDLY BE APPLIED IN REAL LIFE.

What is a trainer? A leader, a coach, a tutor, advisor, counsellor. What defines a trainer? Ability to connect to people and send a message and KNOWLEDGE. The knowledge in the field is the most important.

Beauty industry is one of the fields where you will encounter alot of complaints for the most outrageous reasons. It sounds superficial and negative but its the truth. I speak from experience. Handling these kinds of complaints often means compromising.

Long story short, i truly believe that when it comes to this industry, training your employees and choosing the optimal method can only be done by someone with a related background. Chose wisely, dont waste time …

Keeping up with the industry

Beauty industry will always be changing. Evolving. Updating. Every single year a new machine comes out, a new technique. Just think about it… acrylic nails, gel nails, semipermanent nail polish, nail polish you dry in the lamp, gel that dries in the sun, facial, hydrafacial, hydracool, aquacool, botox, facelift, non invasive facelift, Ultherapy, HIFU, face contour, threads… should i go on?

How do you know what is best? What you should bring new? When to change?

Well personally i look behind the brand. I look at the distributor. Their involvement in the marketing of their product. Why? Cause no company will strongly market a product they didnt do a research about. This is my first sign.

Second, i would survey my clients about a future product im planning to bring. I would survey my staff as well.

Anyhow, your place should have at least one service that is latest generation. Dont worry about pricing, in the begining these kind of services sell by themselves ( look at Hydrafacial ), later on when competition increases you can adjust the price but if your staff were perfectly briefed into selling skills… you might not have to. Keeping the price high sometimes can be a good sign.

Sometimes, whenever i see an extremely low price for a service i know, i always question it. Some people advertise fake services under popular name ( Hydrafacial is the most common example). Be careful, do your research!

Although, price is not quite the most relevant when it comes to picking up a service. Yes when it comes to a facial it should be a sign, no one will use quality products on a 30 dollars facial. But how is it when it comes to services that doesnt include consumables? I worked with Coolscultpting and Cooltech. Both treatments are fat freezing treatments. The price difference is considerable ( Coolscultping is around 600-1000 dollars while Cooltech you can find with even 100 dollars). Result? The same… difference between them? As per my research, coolsculpting is FDA approved while Cooltech is not. How do you market these? Well coolsculpting already has amazing marketing behind, being an american product so basically little do you need in your center. But cooltech needs a push! Do promo, offers, flash offers… train your staff technically and most important… train your staff about the competitor so they can be able to answer any questions your clients might have.

I hope this article help. Please share in comments your experience with any of these services. If you are an entrepreneur, ill be happy to help…

5 mistakes i usually spot instantly in beauty centers

Well…living in the UAE is actually a blessing when it comes to the variety of beauty spots that you can chose from. But still…with all these… i notice, everytime i go to a beauty salon, some mistakes that, once fixed, can definitely change the image of your business:

1.TAGALOG LANGUAGE… i know, i know… you gonna think im rasist but im really not. I know there alot of philipino nationalities and talking tagalog comes in handy but i find it really disrespectful for staff to talk to each other in tagalog while doing a pedicure. Some people might think they are being gossiped. Better to avoid miss understandings, right?

2.BAD MANICURE of the technician,.. can be a hair stylist, nail expert, beautician, laser therapist… grooming is essential when it comes to branding your beauty spot!

3.NOT FOLLOWING THE SAME STEPS EVERY TIME DURING A PROCEDURE… yea it happens alot, during manicure, pedicure, facial etc etc doesnt it give you the feeling like they dont know what they are doing? Thats why i mentioned in a previous post how important protocols are.

4.CONSISTENCY OF PRODUCTS… not using the same products all the time, not because they are upgrading but because they are improvising….extremely bad for your image!

5. TECHNICIAN accessories… like i said grooming is very important to the image you create for your shop, lots of rings and bracelets, chokers should really be avoided. Thats why a grooming set of rules should be imposed.

My name is Cosmina and im a perfectionist. Would you like to run a perfect business?

I was never a good manager

First, i would like to mention that i was never a good manager. Not because i didnt have the knowledge, or the way of applying the knowledge, but because i was always too emotional, too involved, too personal. I always new that but somehow i just couldnt fix it for good, so i understood: not everyone can be a good manager with all the knowledge and classes in the world. So what do you do in this situation? You take a step back and hire the right person for the job. Basically you’ ll be the bad one behind the scenes…

I used to work for a company like that. I guess it takes some certain personality characteristics to be able to implement certain things into your business operations. It sounds easy right? You either got it or not, if not you hire the one who got it and there you go, boom your business should work just fine. But most of the cases it doesnt. What is the secret ingredient?


You want to know how to use it? I can help you…

Create the perfect protocols

When it comes to building your integrity and branding your work, the first thing you need to think of is the technical part of your services aka protocols. Finding skilled professionals in beauty and wellness industry is not really hard, what is hard is to train and continue training them constantly.

If your entity has more employees, definitely they should be on the same page technically speaking. You will want your customers to come to you for YOUR BRAND and not for a certain technician, once your clients come for a specific technician your business is compromised. What happens when the certain employee leaves your company?

Building a set of technical protocols for each service is extremely important. These protocols can be improved with time, by collecting feedback from your clients. Each of your employee should have as a job description THE ACCURATE following of these protocols, there shouldnt be any difference between the service offered by one staff and the service offered by the other. How you know you reached there? Your clients will no longer have a preference when it comes to choosing their technician.

Protocols can be built with the help of an educator, supplier, technician and can be improved based on feedbacks of clients.

I believe each entity should have a book of those protocols!

You want to build your brand? I can help…

Run your business along with competition

There are competitors everywhere in this industry. Either is beauty lounge, saloon, medical center, clinic… whatever looks like a good idea to some… they go for it. Without the knowledge or the skills, but holding the financial power. Is it enough?

Well lets see… entering this kind of business just because you “smell” that is good money is not necessarily a bad idea but, in my professional opinion, you have two options: you either have the experience in the field( former beautician, hair dresser etc) or you hire the right and trustable people to run your business, which mean you need to bring more money in.

Either way, there is room for everyone and with the right protocols and procedures, even in an over saturated market, you can still succeed. And i will explain why, where are your opportunities…

Its true that clients tend to stick with one location but its enough for one time not to find availability and they look for another place when they have an emergency

Build the right team, train them continuously and have a set of rules that is constantly adjusting, a proper realistic business plan and stick to it! Ill show you how!

I love criticism

My name is Cosmina, i am a cosmetologist, self taught makeup artist and currently working as a cosmetics business development manager in healthcare with over 8 years experience in beauty industry.

I have been living in UAE for the past 3 years where i was successfully engaged in beauty and cosmetics/aesthetics industry.

Being a client/patient as well as working in this field kinda gave me the experience and knowledge to notice things and common mistakes very often even in some of the most luxurious or exclusivists places, mistakes that can easily be fixed with the proper protocols and procedures. Im not going to lie, it also gave me the privilege of meeting extraordinary talented, hard working and skilled people. I count my blessings.

COMPETITION scares people, demotivate entrepreneurs and in this kind of industry, competitors show up overnight. Its a permanently moving industry where yesterday haircut is already vintage… so what can make you stand out? What will make the difference?




Yea, it looks like they are not connected but… let me explain!