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Who should train your employees?

I recently see all over social media lots and lots of companies investing more and more in different types of trainings: selling trainings, motivational, public speaking, confidence, customer service etc etc etc. I couldnt agree more that continuously training your staff is one of the major keys in building your brand and your way to success. But what is confusing me and obviously no one is talking about is the way companies chose the trainer.

When it comes to beauty industry, medical and aesthetics field… is anyone qualified to train when in comes to selling? Customer service? Motivation? I dont believe so… i had been listening to tons and tons of podcasts and watching hundreds of videos and classes and i will tell you something: maybe 1% of that can actually be applied in real life situations. Why? Because the trainers are not from this industry, they most prolly never worked in a beauty center, they have no idea what are the challenges, what is the profile of the customers in these locations… THERE ARE ONLY GENERAL INFORMATIONS THAT CAN HARDLY BE APPLIED IN REAL LIFE.

What is a trainer? A leader, a coach, a tutor, advisor, counsellor. What defines a trainer? Ability to connect to people and send a message and KNOWLEDGE. The knowledge in the field is the most important.

Beauty industry is one of the fields where you will encounter alot of complaints for the most outrageous reasons. It sounds superficial and negative but its the truth. I speak from experience. Handling these kinds of complaints often means compromising.

Long story short, i truly believe that when it comes to this industry, training your employees and choosing the optimal method can only be done by someone with a related background. Chose wisely, dont waste time …


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