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Well…living in the UAE is actually a blessing when it comes to the variety of beauty spots that you can chose from. But still…with all these… i notice, everytime i go to a beauty salon, some mistakes that, once fixed, can definitely change the image of your business:

1.TAGALOG LANGUAGE… i know, i know… you gonna think im rasist but im really not. I know there alot of philipino nationalities and talking tagalog comes in handy but i find it really disrespectful for staff to talk to each other in tagalog while doing a pedicure. Some people might think they are being gossiped. Better to avoid miss understandings, right?

2.BAD MANICURE of the technician,.. can be a hair stylist, nail expert, beautician, laser therapist… grooming is essential when it comes to branding your beauty spot!

3.NOT FOLLOWING THE SAME STEPS EVERY TIME DURING A PROCEDURE… yea it happens alot, during manicure, pedicure, facial etc etc doesnt it give you the feeling like they dont know what they are doing? Thats why i mentioned in a previous post how important protocols are.

4.CONSISTENCY OF PRODUCTS… not using the same products all the time, not because they are upgrading but because they are improvising….extremely bad for your image!

5. TECHNICIAN accessories… like i said grooming is very important to the image you create for your shop, lots of rings and bracelets, chokers should really be avoided. Thats why a grooming set of rules should be imposed.

My name is Cosmina and im a perfectionist. Would you like to run a perfect business?


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