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I was never a good manager

First, i would like to mention that i was never a good manager. Not because i didnt have the knowledge, or the way of applying the knowledge, but because i was always too emotional, too involved, too personal. I always new that but somehow i just couldnt fix it for good, so i understood: not everyone can be a good manager with all the knowledge and classes in the world. So what do you do in this situation? You take a step back and hire the right person for the job. Basically you’ ll be the bad one behind the scenes…

I used to work for a company like that. I guess it takes some certain personality characteristics to be able to implement certain things into your business operations. It sounds easy right? You either got it or not, if not you hire the one who got it and there you go, boom your business should work just fine. But most of the cases it doesnt. What is the secret ingredient?


You want to know how to use it? I can help you…


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