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Create the perfect protocols

When it comes to building your integrity and branding your work, the first thing you need to think of is the technical part of your services aka protocols. Finding skilled professionals in beauty and wellness industry is not really hard, what is hard is to train and continue training them constantly.

If your entity has more employees, definitely they should be on the same page technically speaking. You will want your customers to come to you for YOUR BRAND and not for a certain technician, once your clients come for a specific technician your business is compromised. What happens when the certain employee leaves your company?

Building a set of technical protocols for each service is extremely important. These protocols can be improved with time, by collecting feedback from your clients. Each of your employee should have as a job description THE ACCURATE following of these protocols, there shouldnt be any difference between the service offered by one staff and the service offered by the other. How you know you reached there? Your clients will no longer have a preference when it comes to choosing their technician.

Protocols can be built with the help of an educator, supplier, technician and can be improved based on feedbacks of clients.

I believe each entity should have a book of those protocols!

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