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Run your business along with competition

There are competitors everywhere in this industry. Either is beauty lounge, saloon, medical center, clinic… whatever looks like a good idea to some… they go for it. Without the knowledge or the skills, but holding the financial power. Is it enough?

Well lets see… entering this kind of business just because you “smell” that is good money is not necessarily a bad idea but, in my professional opinion, you have two options: you either have the experience in the field( former beautician, hair dresser etc) or you hire the right and trustable people to run your business, which mean you need to bring more money in.

Either way, there is room for everyone and with the right protocols and procedures, even in an over saturated market, you can still succeed. And i will explain why, where are your opportunities…

Its true that clients tend to stick with one location but its enough for one time not to find availability and they look for another place when they have an emergency

Build the right team, train them continuously and have a set of rules that is constantly adjusting, a proper realistic business plan and stick to it! Ill show you how!


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