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I love criticism

My name is Cosmina, i am a cosmetologist, self taught makeup artist and currently working as a cosmetics business development manager in healthcare with over 8 years experience in beauty industry.

I have been living in UAE for the past 3 years where i was successfully engaged in beauty and cosmetics/aesthetics industry.

Being a client/patient as well as working in this field kinda gave me the experience and knowledge to notice things and common mistakes very often even in some of the most luxurious or exclusivists places, mistakes that can easily be fixed with the proper protocols and procedures. Im not going to lie, it also gave me the privilege of meeting extraordinary talented, hard working and skilled people. I count my blessings.

COMPETITION scares people, demotivate entrepreneurs and in this kind of industry, competitors show up overnight. Its a permanently moving industry where yesterday haircut is already vintage… so what can make you stand out? What will make the difference?




Yea, it looks like they are not connected but… let me explain!


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