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Cliche Expert Beauty Consulting

Ok guys enough is enough, we decided to take the criticism a bit more serious so me and my bff Jessica created a new concept of beauty consultancy. Hope to revolutionize the beauty industry and bring a huge contribution to it.

Why Cliche? Because we identify cliches and stereotypes and engage into helping you give birth to productive, innovative solutions for any type of beauty related business.

Our story…. was born from passion for beauty, luxury and high quality standards. We combined all these and created a concept that comes to upgrade and maintain the high standards and profitable business of any beauty and wellness activity.

Cliche is different than any other consultancy company. Cliche is based on experience, interaction and direct contact with the industry. We dont follow statistics or any economical theory, we have an individual approach for each business owner and his team, according to each ones challenges and capabilities.

We aim to create the best version of your business and promise to support you in maintaining impeccable customer service, following an integrity management type of strategy.

We believe that customer satisfaction and staff happiness are related, therefore we come with customized solutions for achieving both.

Cliche Expert Beauty Consultancy… we make perfection look simple!


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