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Keeping up with the industry

Beauty industry will always be changing. Evolving. Updating. Every single year a new machine comes out, a new technique. Just think about it… acrylic nails, gel nails, semipermanent nail polish, nail polish you dry in the lamp, gel that dries in the sun, facial, hydrafacial, hydracool, aquacool, botox, facelift, non invasive facelift, Ultherapy, HIFU, face contour, threads… should i go on?

How do you know what is best? What you should bring new? When to change?

Well personally i look behind the brand. I look at the distributor. Their involvement in the marketing of their product. Why? Cause no company will strongly market a product they didnt do a research about. This is my first sign.

Second, i would survey my clients about a future product im planning to bring. I would survey my staff as well.

Anyhow, your place should have at least one service that is latest generation. Dont worry about pricing, in the begining these kind of services sell by themselves ( look at Hydrafacial ), later on when competition increases you can adjust the price but if your staff were perfectly briefed into selling skills… you might not have to. Keeping the price high sometimes can be a good sign.

Sometimes, whenever i see an extremely low price for a service i know, i always question it. Some people advertise fake services under popular name ( Hydrafacial is the most common example). Be careful, do your research!

Although, price is not quite the most relevant when it comes to picking up a service. Yes when it comes to a facial it should be a sign, no one will use quality products on a 30 dollars facial. But how is it when it comes to services that doesnt include consumables? I worked with Coolscultpting and Cooltech. Both treatments are fat freezing treatments. The price difference is considerable ( Coolscultping is around 600-1000 dollars while Cooltech you can find with even 100 dollars). Result? The same… difference between them? As per my research, coolsculpting is FDA approved while Cooltech is not. How do you market these? Well coolsculpting already has amazing marketing behind, being an american product so basically little do you need in your center. But cooltech needs a push! Do promo, offers, flash offers… train your staff technically and most important… train your staff about the competitor so they can be able to answer any questions your clients might have.

I hope this article help. Please share in comments your experience with any of these services. If you are an entrepreneur, ill be happy to help…


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